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The closing stages of my BA (Hon) Creatives Arts degree with the OCA/UCA publicly engage others with my work.

I invite you to explore jointly sites, methods and themes of For Cover, my practice-as-research based body of work.

As practice-as-research For Cover articulates across four covers, four blankets, at the forest edge (and just beyond it) in drawing and contact: haptic and tactile media such as frottage and cyanotype trace wind, rain, sound and care in site-specific installations. It circulates as an expandable PDF to zine library/archive: A/Folder: an instructive glossary, and a series of objects, b-hold: circulatory objects to touchsee (through): practice conversations is the third aspect of exploring its publicness.

  • A/Folder: a instructive glossary (download via google drive)
    • #8 Go to the meadow. Download here
    • #11 Make a pocket x drawing/machine. Download here
  • b-hold: circulatory objects to touch (see the timeline on Instagram itself)
  • see (through): practice conversation

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Three online events in March:

1: moving-with (a making workshop) Monday 14/3 6.30-8.30pm UK 

2: participating (in) archiving (a conversation with Susan Farrelly and John Umney) Wednesday 16/3 6.30-8.30pm UK

3: contextual distance (a making workshop) Monday 21/3 6.30-8.30pm UK 

In two making workshops invite you to join me and explore some of the methods and tools of my enquiry: drawing machines, mobiles, and viewing devices to engage senses across the visual and the tactile.

1: Moving-with is interested in how our embodied movements, feet, bodies, hands, produce tactile objects and enquiries.

3: Contextual distance enquires into where is the site, work and audience between the visual and the haptic.

Inviting individual explorations ahead of the sessions, the zoom-based workshops seek to utilise the digital space our meeting to navigate across contact, distance and closeness between desk and camera.

2: participation (in) archiving invites two fellow artists, Susan Farrelly and John Umney, to join me to open our ongoing practice conversations across archiving and participation –who where when and what of our practice; their temporalities and spaces; their discipline and subversions.

For the making workshops, there is a little preparation ahead of them (and limited spaces of a single zoom screen). You don’t need to bring any making skills, merely an inquisitive mind, and a few simple tools (paper, drawing implements in monochrome or colour).

Sign up via Eventbrite for further details.

The events will take place via zoom with links provided ahead of the events.

The research dissertation that accompanies this process is titled Moving-with contact: the near space in an expanded field of drawing.

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Installation view: For Cover, May 2021