Kaleidoscope:: participatory process

This was the first of the three participatory processes I developed during BoW3. It also arose out of discussions around mail art and exchange projects. I had explored the ideas of folding and constructing viewing devices out of simple A4 print outs of verge/weed and to investigate that what was on view inside/outside of the … Continue reading Kaleidoscope:: participatory process

kaleidoscope / revisited

inadvertently I revisited the kaleidoscope images from right at the start of this. I had printed a few dense shrubbery images from the verge/weed series on inkjet to work on, but hadn’t really moved much with that yet. yesterday, while waiting I started folding and it became an inside/outside viewing device/ lens/ focussing object. I … Continue reading kaleidoscope / revisited

spatial praxis play (2: kaleidoscope)

further explorations of the spatial praxis concept map: i take this on the way to the shop on 31/12: liking the single leaf in the middle of the road and the fog. i want to pair it with the indoor selfie: the hues but also an inside/outside. >> the oak tree with the ivy looks … Continue reading spatial praxis play (2: kaleidoscope)

SYP as practice as research

Where and when is the site, audience and work/ as early question (SYP 1): — In fact, it was phrased like this in July 2021: Challenge of writing around the idea of SYP as exhibition.  This is a functional project plan: how does my practice fit within that and where does it really push at … Continue reading SYP as practice as research

Access/engagement in see (through): practice conversations

I have started to deposit and reflect on the series of three events and all their attendant conversations and encounters, and I know these reflections won’t conclude by 4 April, the date of my final SYP submission. I tend to audio note first, then listen, then draw out my thoughts in writing; sometimes the writing … Continue reading Access/engagement in see (through): practice conversations

A/Folder update at the end of SYP

I created and circulated further A/Folder since I tested them first at the end of 2021. The most recent edition is #12 a Kaleidoscope, there exist a couple more drafts. This is the expanding platform for the series: I tried and tested a series of engagements, the losest being a general tweet, the closest printed … Continue reading A/Folder update at the end of SYP

Stromverteilen: Engagement plan for SYP

This work is both process-based and site-specific. It shifted in site twice (unexpectedly); the methodology of drawing/contact adjusted and became more refined in this process, and also proved to be mobile, it itself was moving-with (not just the objects under investigation).At this point of concluding both BoW and Research, I am looking forward to forms … Continue reading Stromverteilen: Engagement plan for SYP

For cover (a drawing/contact event): personal statement

a cover is a covering a ceiling a blanket. it covers first the transformer so as to trace, to rub, to transfer. it collects sun wind rain needles, and insects wander and meander atop. i climb up, survey, convey, a tricep lift, a turn, then a jump (i could and do repeat). the view point … Continue reading For cover (a drawing/contact event): personal statement

Luminous cover (Trafodecke 1) as viewing device

Drawing/contact explored a number of routes around viewing devices and visual games: these were called kaleidoscopes or peripheral vision; some of these were digital, others analogue, some involved others: I posted out three singular prints on A4 copy paper to await a return, they returned as a viewing device box, the Boris box, spikey; and … Continue reading Luminous cover (Trafodecke 1) as viewing device

Two December crits: screens and dis/continuity in time/space

I presented (parts of) my autumn works twice late last week and want to write up a few of the comments and insights from these two discussions. Practice as Research OCA Creative Arts sequence with Rachel Smith Saturday afternoon crit group 1. Practice as Research OCA Creative Arts sequence took place in session 3 of … Continue reading Two December crits: screens and dis/continuity in time/space

December review (1): screens in my work

I signed up for a few workshop over the past couple of months. The Moving Image one, a continuation (3-part) of Creative Arts Practice Research with my Research tutor another. For the latter, I am going to offer some of my work for discussion. So I want to write a few survey posts to begin … Continue reading December review (1): screens in my work

body of work (3): synthesise

— okay, then. this single post contains the materials submitted as part of BoW (3): synthesise. It’s a bit of a challenge but let me try. it presents roughly four and a half months of work; I did a considerable review already as part of Research 2 in late October, and am glad I did so, … Continue reading body of work (3): synthesise

Ambition/ Onwards (as part of BoW 3)

I am in the middle of things and things are good. Turning seriously towards BoW and not worrying too much about Research a couple of months ago was a good decision and definitely addressed some of my concerns around Level 3. For the past fortnight I have begun to draw together the various strands of … Continue reading Ambition/ Onwards (as part of BoW 3)

Die Luke (hatch):: zine/process idea

I started three interactive/performative processes during BoW 3: Kaleidoscope wild herbarium (autumn 2019 edition); and Die Luke (hatch) This post concerns the latter and presents a draft idea for a self-print zine, folding instruction (1 page A4, double-sided) and an invitation to a little hide and seek investigation, and potential follow-up. The idea is to … Continue reading Die Luke (hatch):: zine/process idea