sketchbook: SAR presentation: Charlotta Ruth augmented analogue reality

is there anyone in the room who hasn’t been here before?

if so, all of you who have been here only once, please get up, leave the room and enter it again. find a place that fits.

now: think of the first time you were here.

what did you remember from them?

what else?

where were you? please find that place, as closely as possible, you may have to negotiate your memories with other participants.

now: are you here now or in your first memory?

what happens when it is a little bit of everything?

what do you remember from the first time you were here?

— woman moves up a seat for her acquaintance


meta liveness as friction between memory and now

not started as analogue practice but first time occurred in a skype conversation: yourself seen as slightly delayed.

what i would like to discuss with you:

— how does our experience of digital change our analogue experiences.

— started with video/audio work but then started doing this with memory as technology; hesitant to call it augmented reality because of the connotation of tech experiences.

how do you understand technology. immaterial tools: language is immaterial tool, is it technology

before: mapping out interfaces;

what has this experience of you seeing us doing this in this room given you?

she narrates some of the memories:

two pink phones

this is my chair, repeated by someone here now too as they were the moderator

it is so good to hear your text again, as repetition (to Filippo)

meta liveness as rehearsal process? finding the vital now moment. is this related to choreographic practice?


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