the————line as facebook album

— while reworking the line for a presentation in summer I am testing it out as a different format: a public facebook album, here:


— I am also suggesting to view via my timeline. If you are not friends with me, this will be easy, as there aren’t many public posts, if you are friends, you may have to scroll a little:

6 thoughts on “the————line as facebook album”

  1. Before I even get to the end of one video, FB covers part of it with a pop-up inviting me to look at another video, and not one of yours! And as soon as yours finishes, their suggested vdeo starts running. Really annoying!

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    1. — thanks for this, J.– there are different view settings; i tend to read/watch through my phone, or within my feed (rather than have it open as a video)… but that may not be that straightforward with the album link…. hehe, so the videos are clearly no longer self-contained but mingle with much else….

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      1. I do 99% of my blog-following-reading on a bigger screen at home – so this would be what tutor / assessors see?

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      2. but even then you can probably watch in feed… not interested with this re assessment… it was suggested at assessment to feed it through FB and am trying that… 🙂


      3. Hi again, Jennifer, I investigated a little further… as a public setting, the easiest is to watch directly through my timeline: the posts are almost entirely the only ones open to public, so sit close together; for those who are friends with me, it involves a little (or a lot of) scrolling. I will see if there is a playlist I can put together through FB… I am also really missing the layering of different videos, that is really not happening in FB and so it currently doesn’t rate too highly as favourite site for this 🙂


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