spatial praxis play (2: kaleidoscope)

further explorations of the spatial praxis concept map:

i take this on the way to the shop on 31/12: liking the single leaf in the middle of the road and the fog. i want to pair it with the indoor selfie: the hues but also an inside/outside. >> the oak tree with the ivy looks delicate and gothic.
i try to combine through the layout app and discover the rhythm when flipping. i am not sure the portrait with it works but i keep it. later i proceed with more flipping and mirroring but without the selfie.
>> there is something about the space it constructs: both on the digital image but also what it does to my sense of that track past the house that is well-known: the tree becomes a delicate kaleidoscope, in further processing it becomes darker, with tentacles, the road is lost. i use it for a FB cover photo and it is rather dark at that point.
on the last day i take the Voigtlaender and shoot c15 exposures on the oak tree and the apple tree with an idea to use these to construct similar imagery from them.
doubling and mirroring moves it into a fantastical scene; it continues to read as tree and outside but then quickly takes on different meanings too. (cf cinematography of new Sabrina)

3 thoughts on “spatial praxis play (2: kaleidoscope)”

  1. After seeing one or two of the images on your FB page, I’m slowly learning there’s so much more here on the blog. And I need to expand my digital repertoire!


    1. hi — yes: am also trying to figure out what the relationship between FB and here is and I think it makes sense to have an actual sketchbook tab on this site (so it doesn’t sit behind FB closed doors; while for the past year or so I mainly used the FB albums as my sketchbooks but found it was a huge effort to move them across for assessment but also am hesitant to spam my friends’ feeds with it, while also liking the interaction FB offers)… I may have to look for a different template for that but it can also wait a little…


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